Councilman Arvin Amatorio has proudly served on our Borough Council for the past five years, where he has produced consecutive budgets with a 0% tax increase, and organized community outreach health fairs. An immigration lawyer whose primary office is on Washington Avenue, Arvin is plugged into our community and understands the needs of residents. He is running for Mayor to put Bergenfield on a path toward a brighter future, and is joined on his slate by Councilwoman Ora Kornbluth and Councilman Buddy Deauna, two strong candidates with deep roots in our community.

The Issues Affecting

Our Community

Investing in Our Businesses


Better Recreation Spaces


Repaving Our Roads


Better Constituent Services



Arvin Amatorio was born in Luzon, Northern Philippines, the son of two public school teachers, Arvin is running for Mayor...



A 28-year resident of Bergenfield, and the current Borough Council President, Ora is running for re-election...

Salvador "Buddy


A small business owner who has served as President of the Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce, Buddy is running for re-election...