Bergenfield is a great place to live because of its people. We're a diverse, dynamic community where neighbors from many cultures come together. Ora, Buddy and I are committed to making sure Bergenfield remains a safe and welcoming town."  - Councilman Arvin Amatorio


Arvin and his team are dedicated to education. They recognize that hard-working teachers deserve to be rewarded. Recently, Bergenfield High School was selected as one of the best high schools in the nation. Councilman Amatorio is committed to reinvesting into Bergenfield schools and maintaining our high stature. 


As Chairman of the Finance Committee, Arvin ensures that he stands up for Bergenfield taxpayers by continuing to keep property taxes stable while improving municipal services.  He delivered two consecutive budgets with 0% tax increases.  


Bergenfield has consistently been rated as one of the safest communities in New Jersey and one of the best places to raise a family. Arvin looks forward to working with the Department of Recreation to improve and renovate our parks to be a safe and comfortable place for parents and their children to enjoy their free time. A core campaign pledge of his is to build a new state-of-the-art Sports Complex with football, soccer and baseball fields, as well as a new indoor multi-purpose recreation facility for sports and public gatherings.



Arvin has a plan to save homeowners money by delaying new property reassessments for five years after making renovations. He has listened to residents near Metzler Brook who have expressed concern that their homes’ status being located next to a historic preservation site prevents them from making necessary improvements to prevent flooding. Arvin has met with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and Bergenfield Department heads to simplify the process through which residents can apply to make pre-approved renovations that prevent flooding, improving their property values and their quality of life.


Arvin and his team will be directly working with the Department of Public Works for an aggressive repavement program and fixture of Bergenfield roads, maintaining Bergenfield’s high status as one of New Jersey’s most accessible towns. Within his first 100 days as Mayor, he will announce the roads that the Borough intends to repave in the next four years of his administration. This includes those roads that haven’t been repaved in the past 10 years.



 Bergenfield is fortunate to have hundreds of diverse restaurants, retail establishments and businesses, including Arvin’s and Buddy’s businesses, both on Washington Avenue. As Mayor, Arvin will identify Community Development Block Grants and other sources of county, state and federal funding to support local businesses. He will also work with the Bergenfield Chamber of Commerce to host more festivals, block parties, and community events that drive customers to our valued local businesses.


Ever since he was first elected Councilman, Arvin has held an annual outreach health fair, where residents meet with Health Department staff to learn about local services available to themselves and their families, as well as sharing valuable professional information about the process of gaining U.S. Citizenship. As Mayor, Arvin will expand upon these community events by holding them in conjunction with neighboring towns, Bergen County and local health care providers, more often, and with greater publicity and resources, to ensure greater public health.